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world A fired-up Obama’s 2020 job: Biden bodyguard and anti-Trump troll(28,01:03) Coronavirus European Union warns not enough vaccines for all in Europe until 2022(28,00:48) Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of deadly missile strike on civilians(28,00:33) Trump’s second-term agenda? Slogans over details(28,00:33) U.S. Presidential Elections Biden thrusts into Trump country for Georgia rally in campaign’s final week(28,00:18) UK Starts Real-Time Review Of Moderna's COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate(28,00:03) Pfizer Says It Could Still Deliver A Covid-19 Vaccine In 2020(28,00:03) Novavax Delays US Trial Of COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate To November(27,23:48) Five dead in Afghan police base attack(27,23:33) Chechen leader says Macron's stance on cartoons inspires terrorists(27,23:18) Thailand protesters ask Germany to investigate King(27,23:18) Philadelphia police shooting of Black man sparks unrest(27,23:18) California wildfires force major evacuation(27,23:18) White House says chances slim on Covid-19 pandemic aid deal before presidential election(27,23:18) EU warns not enough Covid vaccines for all in Europe until 2022(27,23:03) Anti-France protests rock Bangladesh(27,23:03) Ahead of Election Day, NYC bikers hit the roads to drive people to vote(27,23:03) COVID’s cognitive costs? Some patients’ brains may age 10 years(27,22:48) Pfizer says no Covid-19 vaccine data yet, could be week or more before it reports(27,22:48) Iran building underground nuclear facility, says UN watchdog(27,22:48) Donald Trump trade policy: 4 years of high drama, limited results(27,22:33) Thailand protests reveal growing generational gap on political issues(27,22:18) Eli Lilly strikes optimistic tone on Covid-19 therapy after trial failure(27,22:18) Pak summons Indian Chargé d' Affaires over Kashmir issue(27,22:03) ‘We’re working on it:’ Pope’s Covid-19 advisers and the mask(27,22:03) Paris’ Eiffel Tower area evacuated briefly after bag filled with ammunition found(27,22:03) Amy Coney Barrett sworn in at Supreme Court as issues important to Donald Trump await(27,22:03) Arc de Triomphe area in Paris evacuated following bomb alert(27,21:48) France boycott call pushes Turkey ‘even further’ from EU(27,21:48) Philadelphia police fatally shoot a black man who they say had a knife(27,21:48) Donald Trump Goads Joe Biden For Forgetting His Name(27,21:33) Pakistan parliament passes resolution to recall envoy, but has no ambassador in France(27,21:03) 'We're working on it:' Pope's Covid advisers and the mask(27,21:03) Fake news spread on WhatsApp to Indian Americans plays stealth role in US election(27,20:33) Pak univ student gangraped by classmate, 3 others(27,20:33) France tightens security amid fallout from teacher beheading(27,20:33) Pak’s National Assembly demands recalling of envoy, but Islamabad has no ambassador in France(27,20:18) US election roundup: Trump celebrates Barrett's confirmation, Biden hits road & more(27,20:03) Hong Kong arrests 3 activists under national security law(27,19:48) MIT names campus theatre after alumni Swraj Paul, son(27,19:48) Biden goes on offense in Georgia while Trump targets Midwest(27,19:33) Bloomberg is funding late $15 million push to help Biden in Texas, Ohio(27,19:33) Biden goes on offense in Georgia while Trump targets Midwest(27,19:33) Trump, Biden blitz Pennsylvania, the state that ‘decides’ US presidents(27,19:33) Fake News Spread On Whatsapp To Indian Americans Plays Stealth Role In US Election(27,19:18) Covid-19 antibody response wanes over time: UK study(27,19:18) At least 7 killed in blast at Pak religious school(27,19:03) Turkey’s Erdogan sues Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker for insults(27,19:03) Pfizer Not Ready To Release COVID-19 Vaccine Data On Late-Stage Trial(27,18:48) Thai protesters shun Parliament, ask Germany to probe king(27,18:33) US puts China 'aggression' at heart of India talks(27,18:18) 'Muslims should ignore controversial cartoons'(27,18:18) A month of fighting in disputed Nagorno-Karabakh(27,18:18) Civilians suffer amid Nagorno-Karabakh conflict(27,18:18) Opinion: A historic decision in Chile(27,18:03) EU sees sharp drop in migrants illegally entering via Turkey(27,18:03) Thousands in Bangladesh protest against French president’s comments(27,18:03) Iran's virus deaths exceed 33,000 with new records(27,17:48) Watch A quick look at the oldest and youngest U.S. presidents(27,17:48) Opinion: Erdogan and Khan are hypocritical about Macron’s France(27,17:48) Coronavirus: France faces lockdown amid surging cases(27,17:48) Philadelphia police shooting of Black man sparks unrest(27,17:48) Poland’s PM defends abortion ruling, condemns protests(27,17:33) Belgium's Once Hidden Princess Meets Royal Father(27,17:18) Thousands of Bangladeshi Muslims rally against France(27,17:18) Stop sowing discord between China, regional countries: Beijing on Pompeo’s visit to India(27,17:03) Mike Pompeo to hold talks with Sri Lankan leadership during two-day Colombo visit(27,17:03) Indian-origin man convicted of murder in UK spitting row(27,17:03) Vampire bats social distance when they get sick: Study(27,16:48) France warns citizens to be cautious as anger seethes in Muslim world over cartoons(27,16:48) Stop sowing discord between China, regional countries: Beijing on Pompeo’s visit to India(27,16:48) Stop sowing discord between China, regional countries: Beijing on Pompeo’s India trip(27,16:48) American citizen kidnapped in Niger, sources say(27,16:33) US elections 2020: Can Trump call in troops to quell Election Day unrest?(27,16:03) Seven dead, 120 injured in blast at madressah in Peshawar(27,16:03) Two Dead, Several Injured In Afghanistan Police Base Attack(27,16:03) Indian-Origin Man Found Guilty Of Manslaughter In UK Over Fatal Stabbing(27,16:03) Rs 18.5 Lakh - That's The Starting Salary If You Can Land A Housekeeping Job At Windsor Castle(27,16:03) Philippines: Artificial white sandy beach could spell eco disaster(27,16:03) Issues important to Donald Trump await Amy Barrett on Supreme Court(27,16:03) South Asian migrants accuse Croatian police of brutal beatings at border(27,15:48) Long-term immunity in doubt as UK study finds Covid-19 antibodies fall rapidly(27,15:48) Taiwan same-sex couples to join military wedding for first time(27,15:33) Iran summons French diplomat over Emmanuel Macron’s remarks(27,15:33) A Museum In A Danish Town Is Bringing 16th Century Witch Hunts Back To Life(27,15:33) Long-term immunity in doubt as UK study finds COVID-19 antibodies fall rapidly(27,15:33) Malaysia’s PM Muhyiddin gets reprieve from key ally in political crisis(27,15:18) Watch Forest fire in Brazil’s Pantanal wetlands(27,15:03) Will Take Necessary Measures On US Arms Sales To Taiwan: China(27,15:03) World: 4 killed, 26 injured in Pakistan's Peshawar blast: DC CORRESPONDANT PTI: : The police and rescue teams have reached the crime scene and launched the rescue operation.(27,14:48) Tens of thousands stage anti-France rally in Bangladesh capital(27,14:33) At Least 7 Dead And Over 100 Wounded In Peshawar Madrasa Blast(27,14:33) Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte orders graft probe across state agencies(27,14:33) Air pollution linked with 15 per cent COVID-19 deaths worldwide: Study(27,14:33) Thousands flee homes near LA as wildfires rage(27,14:18) Air pollution linked with 15% COVID-19 deaths worldwide, finds study(27,14:18) Man Arrested In Connection With Boston Ballot Box Fire(27,14:18) US announces planned $2.37 billion weapon sale to Taiwan(27,14:18) Pak to strengthen ties with Afghanistan: PM Imran(27,14:18) Hindu-American women root for Republicans, Trump(27,14:18) China Tells US Not To Bully Sri Lanka Ahead Of Mike Pompeo's Visit(27,14:03) Air Pollution Linked With 15% COVID-19 Deaths Worldwide: Study(27,14:03) Jared Kushner says Black Americans must 'want' to succeed(27,13:48) Decline in incidents of ceasefire violation along LoC in Kashmir, infiltration reduced: Top Army commander(27,13:48) Cameroon school attack puts spotlight on neglected conflict(27,13:48) Blast in Pak madrassa kills 7, injures 80(27,13:33) Pakistan to strengthen ties with Afghanistan: Imran Khan(27,13:18) India calls for complete ceasing of support to terrorist forces in Middle East(27,13:18) Pakistan to strengthen ties with Afghanistan: PM Imran Khan(27,13:18) Climate activists abseil from bridges, halt Frankfurt rush-hour traffic(27,13:18) Oxford COVID Vaccine Raises Hopes, Prompts Immune Response Among Young And Old(27,13:18) Taiwan says new arms purchases to boost credible defense(27,13:18) Barrett swearing-in differs markedly from ‘superspreader’(27,13:18) Young Americans to vote in 'higher' numbers, Biden's favourability increases: Harvard poll(27,13:03) Vietnam readies mass evacuation as Typhoon Molave looms(27,13:03) US election wrap, October 27: Contest looks tighter in battleground states; Trump, Biden focus on Pennsylvania(27,12:48) China tells US not to bully Sri Lanka ahead of Pompeo's visit(27,12:33) Joe Biden goes on offense in Georgia while Donald Trump targets Midwest(27,12:33) Germany warns of ‘consequences’ if Thai King breached law(27,12:33) Pompeo says US, India must focus on threat posed by China(27,12:33) Trump celebrates at White House as Supreme Court nominee confirmed(27,12:18) Saudi Arabia condemns cartoons offending Prophet Mohammad(27,12:18) Iran summons French diplomat over alleged insult against Prophet Mohammad(27,12:18) China to regulate ‘chaos’ of information available in mobile browsers(27,12:18) Dalai Lama hails UN treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons(27,11:48) US senators seek removal of high tariff on import of pecans from India(27,11:33) At Least Four Dead, Dozens Injured In Pakistan Religious School Blast(27,11:03) Wind-whipped Southern California wildfires prompt mass evacuations, injure 2 firefighters(27,11:03) US to announce plan for Medicare, Medicaid to cover early Covid-19 vaccine- Politico(27,10:48) 4 killed, 26 injured in Pakistan's Peshawar blast(27,10:48) Stores in Muslim-majority nations boycott French goods to protest caricatures(27,10:48) At least four killed, over 30 injured in blast at Pakistan religious school(27,10:48) Kazakhstan, reversing itself, embraces ‘Borat’ as very nice(27,10:48) Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam to visit Beijing to discuss plans to revive economy(27,10:48) Jared Kushner, employing racist stereotype, questions if black Americans ‘want to be successful’(27,10:33) US speaker Pelosi ‘optimistic’ on Covid-19 relief before November 3 elections, says spokesman(27,10:33) Twitter flags Donald Trump’s tweet on mail-in ballots over ‘disputed’ content(27,10:33) New curbs in China’s Xinjiang after spike in symptomless Covid-19 cases(27,10:33) At least 7 killed, dozens injured in blast at religious school in Pakistan: Officials(27,10:33) NASA's SOFIA Discovers Water On Sunlit Surface Of Moon(27,10:18) Not doing many rallies to prevent spread of Covid-19, says Joe Biden(27,10:18) India calls for Middle East countries to stop support for terrorist forces(27,10:18) India to send 270 metric tonnes of food aid to Sudan, South Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea(27,10:03) Barrett sworn in, becoming youngest justice of US Supreme Court(27,10:03) Twitter Flags Donald Trump Tweet On Mail-In Ballots Over "Disputed" Content(27,09:48) US announces $2.4 bn sale of coastal defense systems to Taiwan(27,09:33) US Election 2020: Trump eyes hosting election night party at his hotel in Washington DC(27,09:33) U.S. announces planned $2.37 billion weapon sale to Taiwan(27,09:18) Wave of new Covid-19 cases crashes across US and Europe as winter looms(27,09:03) ‘Something wrong with her’, says Trump as he mocks Kamala Harris’ laughter(27,09:03) Georgia Bureau of Investigation orders probe after police officer fatally shoots man(27,09:03) Malaysia's PM Muhyiddin gets reprieve from key ally in political crisis(27,08:48) More English cities face tightest Covid-19 lockdown rules(27,08:48) ‘A momentous day for America’: Trump hails Barrett’s confirmation as Supreme Court justice(27,08:48) Trump earns Supreme Court boost in election final week(27,08:33) Trump earns Supreme Court boost in election final week(27,08:33) Thousands forced to evacuate from California fires(27,08:33) Withdraw envoy from France: Pakistan House(27,08:33) Thai protesters shun parliament, ask Germany to probe king(27,08:33) I had no idea unconscious bias existed: Prince Harry(27,08:18) Row over plus-size model forces Insta to change nudity policy(27,08:18) Australia seeks Qatar response after women flyers strip-searched(27,08:18) US says airstrike killed seven leaders of al-Qaida in Syria(27,08:18) Turkish president backs boycott of French goods(27,08:03) New French cases could be 100,000 per day: Govt adviser(27,08:03) Three-Year-Old Boy Dies After Shooting Self During His Birthday Party In US(27,08:03) Back Anwar for PM, Najib tells party members(27,07:48) India, US to ink landmark defence pact BECA during 2+2 talks on Tuesday: New Delhi: In a reflection of their fast expanding strategic ties, India and the ..(27,07:48) Southern California: Growing wildfires force evacuation orders for over 100,000(27,07:48) Protests in Italy over new coronavirus crackdown turn violent(27,07:48) Trump plans second White House event for Barrett(27,07:33) U.S. says airstrike killed 7 leaders of al-Qaida in Syria(27,07:33) Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett, delivering for Trump and reshaping court(27,07:18) Senate votes to confirm Amy Barrett to U.S. Supreme Court(27,07:03) NASA's SOFIA Discovers Water On Sunlit Surface Of Moon(27,07:03) Asymptomatic COVID-19 Sufferers Lose Antibodies Sooner: Study(27,06:33) Iran’s foreign minister urges UN to unite against US unilateral actions(27,06:33) Donald Trump, Joe Biden hit battleground Pennsylvania amid Covid crisis(27,06:33) Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to US Supreme Court in Trump pre-election triumph(27,06:18) Air Pollution Linked To 15% Of Coronavirus Deaths, Study Shows(27,06:18) Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett to US Supreme Court(27,06:18) Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed To US Supreme Court(27,06:03) Wave of new COVID-19 cases crashes across U.S. and Europe as winter looms(27,05:48) NASA To Launch Delicate Stowing Of Osiris-Rex Asteroid Samples(27,05:33) Pope Francis To Celebrate Christmas Without Congregation: Report(27,05:03) U.S. Presidential Elections Trump, Biden make their pitches to voters in pivotal Pennsylvania(27,04:48) US Approves $2.4 Billion Sale Of Harpoon Missiles To Taiwan(27,04:03) Ban On Public Events Can Bring Down Covid Transmission Rate By 24%: Study(27,03:18) Twitter Launches "Pre-Bunks" To Get Ahead Of Election Misinformation(27,02:33) Head Of US Military Academy Resigns Amid "Systemic Racism" Probe(27,02:33)