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science Samsung, Stanford develop OLED display with 10,000 PPI resolution(28,00:57) Mission ISRO, Happiness Lab and more: Our favourite podcasts of 2020(28,00:57) Coronavirus No clarity yet on whether vaccine will be free for all in India(28,00:57) Environment: ‘Harappa: older than we thought’(28,00:57) Isro, Nasa satellite NISAR scheduled to be launched by 2022(28,00:57) CM Arvind Kejriwal to launch ‘Green Delhi’ app to redress complaints of air pollution-causing activities(28,00:57) State-sponsored hackers are diversifying tactics, report says(27,18:57) Technology: App Store apps, in-app purchases to get expensive in India(27,18:57) Types of heart damage experienced by COVID-19 patients identified(27,18:57) IIT-G develops low-cost tech to produce anti-ageing compounds(27,18:57) Long-term immunity in doubt as UK study finds COVID-19 antibodies fall rapidly(27,18:57) How this NGO is breaking taboos around menstrual hygiene in rural Andhra Pradesh(27,18:57) Agriculture: Managing blister blight on tea plants(27,18:57) South Korea begins review of Oxford covid vaccine(27,18:57) Intensive irrigation in India enhances deadly ‘moist heat stress’, study finds(27,18:57) In God’s Own Country, 100-million-old fish unravels past!(27,18:57) Farm fires contributed 23% in Delhi’s PM2.5 pollution on Tuesday, max so far: SAFAR(27,18:57) YouTube mobile app gets new gestures, playback controls(27,12:57) U.S. appeals court rejects immediate WeChat ban(27,12:57) Twitter flags Trump tweet on mail-in ballots over “disputed” content(27,12:57) Facebook launches cloud-streamed games for its 380 million gamers(27,12:57) China launches crackdown on mobile web browsers, decries 'chaos' of information(27,12:57) ‘Among Us’ online game hit with massive spam attack(27,12:57) Lilly antibody drug fails in a COVID-19 study; others go on(27,12:57) Scientists find water on sunlit surface of Moon(27,12:57) Black Holes don't move around sucking in objects like a vacuum cleaner: Expert(27,12:57) More water on the moon? New finding deepens puzzle(27,12:57) Exposure to air pollution increases Covid-19 deaths by 15% worldwide: Study(27,12:57) Covid vaccine race: Oxford stays near front despite delay in US trial(27,12:57) Scientists find water on sunlit surface of Moon(27,12:57) NASA’s finding of water on sunlit side of moon builds on research from Chandrayaan-1(27,12:57) Mild earthquake at Seoni in MP, tremors also felt in Nagpur(27,12:57) Marginal improvement in Delhi’s AQI as wind speed picks up(27,12:57) From being hunted to Birds of God, how people in Nagaland changed their approach(27,12:57) Agriculture: Sericulture, a fall back when other avenues fail(27,06:57) Agriculture: Farming needs a makeover to lure young people back(27,06:57) Asymptomatic Covid-19 sufferers lose antibodies sooner: Study(27,06:57) NASA to launch delicate stowing of Osiris-Rex asteroid samples(27,06:57)