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opinion History & Culture: Sutra route to mathematics(28,01:07) History & Culture: A slice of Tuluva history(28,01:07) Faith: Purity of mind(28,01:07) Faith: No. 3 is significant(28,01:07) Expression of Absolute Truth(28,01:07) Faith: In defence of tradition(28,01:07) Readers' Editor: The essential reader(28,01:07) Open Page: The use, misuse... and abuse of the mobile phone(28,01:07) Open Page: Big question: to Er. or not(28,01:07) The Gilgit-Baltistan game plan(28,01:07) It is judgment time for Donald Trump(28,01:07) India’s outreach to Myanmar(28,01:07) Letters: Regulating online ads(28,01:07) Letters to the Editor — October 28, 2020(28,01:07) Letters: Dalits in media(28,01:07) Letters: Childhoods lost(28,01:07) India’s DisCom stress is more than the sum of its past(28,01:07) GST and the complexity of political negotiations(28,01:07) Lead: Cow slaughter and the Constitution(28,01:07) Interview: ‘If there is a referendum in Balochistan, people will vote for independence’(28,01:07) Interview: An interview with Sudheendra Kulkarni(28,01:07) Columns: If it’s evil, it’s not us(28,01:07) Children: The eclipse chaser of 1780(28,01:07) Editorial: Scrapping J&K's special status is the wrong way to an end(28,00:07) Dead letter: On Chile referendum(28,00:07) Compound conundrum: On interest waiver(28,00:07) Building urban resilience: How coronavirus pandemic is giving us ‘once-in-a-generation opportunity’ to reset social(28,00:07) Day in toonsLine of No ControlThe 'Vikas' Quiz27 Oct, 2020, 2236 hrs IST(27,23:07) New eyes in the sky(27,23:07) Let’s expect a lot, but not too much: Brearley(27,22:07) A fresh capital crisis looms over India’s banking sector(27,22:07) The Precarity of Dalit Lives in India(27,22:07) India could get a better deal for its oil imports(27,21:07) Bihar symbolises a larger shift in politics  Opinion(27,21:07) The RJD shifts from an antagonistic discourse to ‘Sarvjan’ politics(27,21:07) Genes may decide the coronavirus disease path  Opinion(27,21:07) The digital campaign(27,20:07) Aakar Patel Draw lessons from US, make voting in India better and safer(27,19:07) Degrees of darkness: Review of Kiley Reid’s ‘Such a Fun Age’ by Geeta Doctor(27,18:07) Manish Tewari Talk ties mindfully, do not squander options(27,18:07) Interview: ‘I will not allow the victims to be let down'(27,15:07) Drawings from India(27,14:07) The Myth Of Modi The Economic Reformer - by Ramachandra Guha(27,14:07) A strong arm to ease a choke-hold(27,14:07) IAS, the steel-frame or birds of passage(27,14:07) Day in toonsNinan's WorldSpecial finish line masks27 Oct, 2020, 1259 hrs IST(27,13:07) Letters: Nature is supreme(27,13:07) History & Culture: Decoding Chola Art(27,12:07) Comment: Stubble burning is not the only culprit(27,12:07) Columns: Truth, fair criticism help fight contempt charge(27,12:07) Comment: Is it time to abolish the death penalty?(27,11:07) Brace yourselves!(27,10:07) History & Culture: When a French Revolution-modelled Army contingent was established in Hyderabad(27,09:07) The V-band conundrum(27,07:07) Faith: Ignorance is the cause(27,06:07) The biofuel alternative to farm fires(27,06:07) Power play: How renewables’ march could end state discom era(27,06:07) Faith: Au Revoir Athi Varada! Bidding farewell to the Lord for the next 40 years(27,05:07) Interview: ‘Key economic reforms from the Modi government’(27,05:07) The ferment next door(27,05:07) MFIs in India: Need social impact monitoring(27,05:07) Open Page: The stink from India’s past(27,04:07) Run Lola Run(27,04:07) Beyond Bihar(27,04:07) Who’s afraid of Nitish Kumar?(27,04:07) Make board exams irrelevant(27,04:07) Book of Unfreedom(27,03:07) Raja Mandala: A poll-proof relationship(27,03:07) Letters: Dignity of labour(27,02:07) Harsh Mander: Fraying Fraternity(27,02:07) Raw deal? EU’s Green Deal might simply be offshoring environmental harm, researchers from Germany contend(27,02:07) Expensive onions become tear-jerker for farmers as govt focuses on checking inflation(27,02:07)