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kozhikode Kozhikode: Nine Ministers from north Kerala(30,16:27) Kerala: SWAYAM to offer 364 new courses(30,12:27) Kozhikode: Id-ul-Fitr to be celebrated today(30,12:27) Kozhikode: For Thumba to brighten pookkalam again(30,12:27) Rajmohan Unnithan to go on hunger strike demanding staff for Kasaragod hospital(30,10:27) Kozhikode: Amrut project implementation in Kozhikode at snail’s pace(30,10:27) ‘Prathishedha Jwala’ to rage across state on Sunday(30,06:27) Drought mitigation project brings windfall for Wayanad farmer(30,06:27) Kozhikode: Work on mechanised foot overbridge begins(30,02:27) Kozhikode: Vayalada to greet tourists with better facilities soon(30,02:27) Kozhikode: ‘Untruths, half-truths being spread about land reforms’(30,02:27) Kozhikode: Man found dead(30,00:27) Kozhikode: Caring for the elderly in pandemic times(30,00:27) Tests decline, as do fresh COVID cases in Kozhikode(29,20:27) Kozhikode: Four held for murder of youth in Kozhikode(29,20:27) Kozhikode: All policemen in Mukkom station quarantined(29,20:27)