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bhopal Madhya Pradesh: BJP & Congress slug it out as ‘item’ storm hits bypolls(20,10:30) IISER-Bhopal genome to find new application of turmeric(20,10:30) CM urges Sonia to take action against Kamal Nath(20,08:30) Recovery rate improves to 90%, daily caseload continues to dip in Madhya Pradesh(20,08:30) Schools haven’t been able to shake off caste tags(20,08:30) Kidnap-murder: Judicial probe into suspect’s death(20,08:30) Court seeks details on Madhya Pradesh's Rewa ‘custodial rape’(20,08:30) Bhopal: Kamla Park tree turns over a new leaf, two months after collapse(20,08:30) Bhopal: Armed with swords & sticks, 6 attack Misrod house at midnight(20,08:30) 28 homemakers in Bhopal’s 157 new Covid cases, 14 hospitalised(20,08:30) Scindia calls on public to teach Nath a lesson(20,06:30) Mayawati demands apology for Nath’s remarks on Imarti(20,06:30) Mandals plan online garba, darshan for senior citizens(20,06:30) 35 candidates withdraw nominations, 355 in fray(20,06:30) Covid-positive cases drop to 157; housewives, students comprise 30% of infected(20,04:30) Kamal Nath's 'item' remark: CM writes to Sonia(19,22:31) Madhya Pradesh: Political bhajan sessions of Computer Baba draw big crowd(19,20:30) Madhya Pradesh bypolls: Mayawati attacks Congress for Kamal Nath's 'item' remark(19,18:30) Imarti Devi hits out at Kamal Nath for sexist jibe, portrayed as 'Mahishasur Mardini' in social media(19,18:30) Maya lashes out at Kamal for comment on Imarti(19,14:30)